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PRO version contains all the functions for professional use and these functions are available like 'on fingertips'. Work with data exports, 'favourites' and 'blacklists' listings, advanced data, advanced support and huge amount of other tools.


Benefits of the PRO version

Save the time you usually spend on choose the publications

By applying advanced filters you can create the selected media list as accurately as possible. 'Favourites' and 'blacklists' make the selecting process even simpler.

PRO version features

Export the media list to .XLS

Perform marketplaces exporting in .XLS with all the characteristics and use this for working on your tasks convenient tabular view and in an environment that you are familiar with.

Price of PRO version

One month demo

Отзывы профессионалов о нас

Максим Мирошниченко

CEO at Abomic

Сервис позволяет разместить любой пресс-релиз на нужном вам СМИ. Заходите, отбираете СМИ, платите, даете контент — и вуаля, все размещено, с картинками, с активными ссылками и т.д.

Еще одна фишка — через разместиться дешевле, чем напрямую договориться с нужным СМИ. Разница ну как минимум 20-25%, и головной боли нет. Так как в Европе почти нет бирж статей и ссылок типа sape & rotapost, то prnews становится просто офигенным решениям: хочешь публикации в Польше — welcome, Чехии — не вопрос. База СМИ у них просто огромная, ребята молодцы.

Максим  Мирошниченко

Вячеслав Ковалев 

Senior SEO/ TL SEO at NetFix

Классная команда, прекрассный саппорт! Работы выполняются быстро и качественно, всегда на связи. Однозначно рекомендую к сотрудничеству!

Максим  Мирошниченко

О нас пишут в СМИ

Be calm and confident about what you are doing

Support team will help you at the time you need this: by chatting or by telephone. Get the answers quickly and be aware of what is going on at the moment.


Put into blacklists those media, which you are not going to use for making the publications. All you need to do for putting the marketplace into blacklist is to click the button.

Selected media lists

Save the selected media into separate lists and use them in your projects at the appropriate time.

More information about media

Media advanced data including: IP-address, domain age, Alexa Traffic Rank, Ahrefs DR and other characteristics, which are not presented in standard media card.

Top editions for 'delicate' tasks

Get access to marketplaces advanced catalogue, including websites that work with delicate tasks and topics and that offer services, which are available only by personal request.

Advanced filters for media

Standard set is supplemented with domain zone filtering, websites without specification 'For advertising purposes' and websites that make publications 'behindhand'.

PRO-caring support

PRO version also includes, in addition to regular email support, the priority support by chatting or by telephone.

This is just the beginning! Now we are working on developing the next functions:

- API methods for exporting the media, getting the metrics, authentication, ordering, receiving reports.

- Demographic data and filtering for meda audience.

- Tracking the virality of articles in social networks.

To be continued


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